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[bug#57280] [PATCH 0/3] Add documentation-files argument to emacs build

From: Liliana Marie Prikler
Subject: [bug#57280] [PATCH 0/3] Add documentation-files argument to emacs build system.
Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2022 17:39:51 +0200
User-agent: Evolution 3.42.1

Am Freitag, dem 19.08.2022 um 09:21 +0300 schrieb Andrew Tropin:
> On 2022-08-19 06:19, Liliana Marie Prikler wrote:
> > I think it's possible to cover most of those with heuristics.  For
> > the rest, we can still override the phase or just rename the file
> > to something our heuristics handle.
> > 
> If there is an info file(s) do nothing.
> If there are texinfo file build them.
> If there are no texinfo files build or README.
> Something like that?
> Will play around with it a little bit and will publish v2 next week.
I'd word those in terms of for-each, i.e. "build all texinfo files and
org-mode files".  Don't trust already compiled sources, i.e. if there's
both and, you still want to generate
from (though "README" doesn't sound like a particular good
heuristic for an org-file to makeinfo from).

> > > 

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