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[bug#57317] [PATCH v2 1/2] build: profiles: Implicitly set GUIX_EXTENSIO

From: Maxime Devos
Subject: [bug#57317] [PATCH v2 1/2] build: profiles: Implicitly set GUIX_EXTENSIONS_PATH.
Date: Sun, 21 Aug 2022 21:38:09 +0200
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On 21-08-2022 17:43, ( via Guix-patches via wrote:

+(define-public $GUIX_EXTENSIONS_PATH
+  ;; 'GUIX_EXTENSIONS_PATH' is used by Guix to locate extension commands.
+  ;; Like 'PATH', it's not attached to any package, so that users don't have
+  ;; to install the 'guix' package (which is not supposed to be installed,
+  ;; as it will mess up the 'guix pull' installation) or set the variable
+  ;; manually.
+  (search-path-specification
+   (variable "GUIX_EXTENSIONS_PATH")
+   (files '("share/guix/extensions"))))

I have in the past proposed to add more implicit search paths (GUIX_LOCPATH, SSL_CERT_DIR and SSL_CERT_FILE), but that had been rejected.

v1 -> v2 1/2: looks a good change to me.


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