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[bug#57050] [PATCH v2 04/13] gnu: Add Zuo.

From: Maxime Devos
Subject: [bug#57050] [PATCH v2 04/13] gnu: Add Zuo.
Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2022 11:20:25 +0200
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I will use GUIX_SH in v3 of this series.

My concern with it originally was that it's generic enough that it might be 
used in other ways elsewhere in Guix, but, since I'm hoping it's only going to 
be a medium-term solution, it seems good enough, and I haven't heard any 
objections to it.
_PATH_BSHELL seems better to me, as it is not Guix-specific and does not require adding preprocessor arguments. Even simpler would be to substitute* the /bin/sh to (search-input-file inputs "bin/sh") like done for other packages.

I have previously objected to it, though not explicitly:

I haven't been following the discussion on the other patches, but didn't I give an example of something independent of the Racket component in use and even independent of Racket itself? See the suggestion of using the already existing _PATH_BSHELL from <paths.h>. It's even not Guix-specific, apparently it's a BSD-ism!

I don't see the point of a GUIX_SH macro when the standard-ish _PATH_BSHELL appears to suffice.

On 23-08-2022 03:40, Philip McGrath wrote:
First of all, I have found that there*is*  another Unix-like system where "/bin/sh" 
doesn't exist: on Android, the POSIX shell is usually at "/system/bin/sh". Also, at least 
on some versions, _PATH_BSHELL isn't a compile-time constant. It is:

     #define _PATH_BSHELL __bionic_get_shell_path()

Looking at the patch, it not being a compile-time constant does not appear to be a problem to me.


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