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bug#34378: update GNOME Planner to current

From: Maxim Cournoyer
Subject: bug#34378: update GNOME Planner to current
Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2022 14:55:14 -0400
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Ludovic Courtès <> writes:


>>>> +  ;;; Warning:
>>>> +  ;;; The documentation generation mechanism is long broken. No Yelp yet.
>>>> +  ;;; So the output doesn't contain any docs, unlike the ancient release.
>>>> +  ;;; OTOH, that's probably not a huge concern, given the circumstances.
>>>> +  (let ((commit "fa7cbe309d5a705502ca46f808bcf78840804dbe")
>>>> +        (revision "2019-02-08"))
>>> How did you pick this particular commit?  In general we only package
>>> releases, unless there’s a compelling reason to build straight from the
>>> VCS.  Do you think that’s the case here?
>> I picked that commit just because it was the most recent: the release is
>> expected to be very difficult to make, a lot of things need to be
>> fixed/modernized first, and there are not many people to review the
>> patches (one to be exact, AFAICT).
>> I'm not sure there are really compelling reasons: most/all of the
>> changes made since the release are either about translations
>> (documentation generation is broken anyways), or fixes of deprecation
>> warnings (which otherwise would prevent it from building in Nixpkgs with
>> the default -Werror).
> OK.  I think it’s a case where we’d wait for upstream to push a new
> release, rather than guess which commit is appropriate to distribute.
> Thoughts?

Agreed.  Closing.


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