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[bug#57365] [PATCH] gnu: guile-smc: Update to 0.5.0

From: Artyom V. Poptsov
Subject: [bug#57365] [PATCH] gnu: guile-smc: Update to 0.5.0
Date: Sat, 27 Aug 2022 06:15:59 +0300
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Hello Mathieu,

Thanks for my patch review!

> What is this patch about? Can't it be upstreamed?

As you can see from the package description of Guile-SMC 0.3.0 there was
already a problem with logging; I just tried to fix that patch for the
current release.

Guile-SMC tries to log to the syslog by default but it seems that this
option is not working in Guix, so we need another way to log the
messages.  Or it may be that I just overlooked something.

I wasn't able to use "<rotating-log>" anymore as Guile-SMC now uses
custom microsecond-resolution logging backend (which is required for the
FSM profiler to work properly.)  The problem is that this backend does
not work well with "<rotating-log>".  With the new snipped Guile-SMC
uses its "<port-log/us>" class to log the messages to
"/tmp/smc.log.<number>" file.

I wish we had more advanced logging functionality in GNU Guile core
modules but that a discussion for another thread I think.

For now I agree that this snipped looks a bit hacky but that is the
solution a I came up with trying to fix things fast.

If you have any ideas on how to improve the snippet (or the logging in
Guile-SMC for that matter), I'm all ears.

Meanwhile I try to do something with Guile-SMC logging myself.

> You need to describe it in the commit message:
> [native-inputs]: Add help2man.

> Ditto:
> [inputs]: Use the new inputs style.


Here's the updated patch.

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- Artyom

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