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[bug#61982] [PATCH 2/2] home: services: xdg-base-directories: Deprecate

From: Bruno Victal
Subject: [bug#61982] [PATCH 2/2] home: services: xdg-base-directories: Deprecate XDG_LOG_HOME.
Date: Fri, 7 Apr 2023 12:47:44 +0100
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Hi Andrew,

On 2023-04-07 09:45, Andrew Tropin wrote:
> On 2023-03-05 15:19, Bruno Victal wrote:
>> --- a/gnu/home/services/desktop.scm
>> +++ b/gnu/home/services/desktop.scm
>> @@ -206,8 +206,8 @@ (define (home-dbus-shepherd-services config)
>>                           (default-environment-variables))
>>                     #:log-file
>>                     (format #f "~a/dbus.log"
>> -                           (or (getenv "XDG_LOG_HOME")
>> -                               (format #f "~a/.local/var/log"
>> +                           (or (getenv "XDG_STATE_HOME")
>> +                               (format #f "~a/.local/state"
> If we deprecate XDG_LOG_HOME, maybe it's a good idea to make a helper
> function, which can be reused across different services?  
> Also, how about appending /log subdirectory by default?
>> WDYT?

I'm wondering if this continued usage of XDG_LOG_HOME was a good idea,
maybe the service should just start using XDG_STATE_HOME as soon as possible?
(in which case, this patch will have to be reworked to reflect that)
This way we avoid introducing yet more code to handle deprecated code.

It shouldn't result in any kind of problems, XDG_LOG_HOME will still be set in 
the meantime
for scripts and code that happen to use it and are not part of (upstream) guix.



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