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[bug#62246] [PATCH] doc: Add a reference to a page explaining consensus

From: Maxim Cournoyer
Subject: [bug#62246] [PATCH] doc: Add a reference to a page explaining consensus decision making.
Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2023 11:58:54 -0400
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Hi Florian,

"pelzflorian (Florian Pelz)" <> writes:

> Hi Maxim and all.
> Maxim added to doc/contributing.texi:
>> It is expected from all contributors, and even more so from
>> committers, to collaborate in a consensus decision making
>> fashion. To learn what consensus decision making means and
>> understand its finer details, you are encouraged to read
>> @url{}.
> Only now, that it is already pushed, have I taken the time to read
> (or, at some point, skim) the link.
> I just want to acclaim:
> * I agree with the addition of this kind of writing.
> * Seeds for Change is more politically left than I first expected, and
>   the consensus sub-page uses not only examples that chime well with
>   free software and Outreachy, but also one-sided views on issues like
>   housing.  Perhaps such examples will prompt dissent in the future.
>   It would have been an option (a worse option) to add consensus
>   decision making to the manual without linking to such an extensive
>   text.
>   Nonetheless, the way it is written, the manual asks for agreement
>   with consensus decision making, not with Seeds for Change or the
>   examples on the consensus page.  I still agree with making people
>   learn from the link.
> * It is good that, when there is little feedback, you have pushed it.
>   Seeds for Change say: take “sufficient time”, but IMHO you did and
>   more time would not have helped.  Also you had already taken steps
>   like writing to guix-devel and generally applied the Seeds’
>   recommendations.

Glad you found it pertinent.  I had read the whole thing for the first
time, and found it had useful tricks or suggestions, and was good at
clearing any misunderstandings I had about consensus decision making.

I hope others find it useful too!


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