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[bug#62819] [PATCH core-updates 1/2] gnu: julia: Fix test suite regressi

From: Simon Tournier
Subject: [bug#62819] [PATCH core-updates 1/2] gnu: julia: Fix test suite regression.
Date: Fri, 14 Apr 2023 18:33:42 +0200

Hi Andreas,

On ven., 14 avril 2023 at 17:20, Andreas Enge <> wrote:

> It passed on berlin, and I pushed the patch, thanks! This is frightening
> and quite unreasonable. If julia  needs more than 16GB of main memory to
> build, it will pass on our aarch64 machines with 32GB of memory, but not
> on most boards limited to 4GB.

Julia requires more than 4GB – currently the 8GB of my laptop are full
and extended by 6GB of swap; still building and maybe will fail — and
supports these platform:

                    x86-64         (64-bit)  
                    i686           (32-bit)          
                    ARMv8          (64-bit)          
                    ARMv7          (32-bit)          
                    PowerPC        (64-bit)  
    CUDA 10.1       Nvidia CUDA    (64-bit)
    ROCM            AMD ROCM       (64-bit)  
    oneAPI          Intel oneAPI   (64-bit)

Upstream provides binaries for these.  AFAIK, for most of them, Julia is
cross-compiled and not natively compiled.  Well, I am still missing the
point to natively compile on limited boards.

Having substitutes running on non-x86_64 architectures is one thing,
directly build on these non-x86_64 architectures is another.

(I am not saying that direct builds on these non-x86_64 architectures is
not interesting by itself but that I miss the aim of such for some heavy
packages as Julia or GHC or else.)


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