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[bug#57431] [PATCH]: Add PyQt 6.

From: Zhu Zihao
Subject: [bug#57431] [PATCH]: Add PyQt 6.
Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2023 10:16:17 +0800
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ROCKTAKEY <> writes:

> Hi, it looks great. I would like to use PyQt 6.

If you just wanna programming with Python and Qt, you can use qtpy and
pyside-6 :)

> Is there any progress? I want help if there is some problem.

The problem is, the sip of PyQt 6 prefer the qmake way rather than CMake
way like PySide6. but the qmake definition file of Qt6 is broken.(Ok,
plz see the XXX comment of pyqt-webengine in previos patch...)

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