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[bug#62878] [PATCH core-updates] gnu: openhsm: Fix test failure with ope

From: Timotej Lazar
Subject: [bug#62878] [PATCH core-updates] gnu: openhsm: Fix test failure with openssl-3.
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2023 22:15:23 +0200

Hi, thanks for the fast review!

Andreas Enge <> [2023-04-17 11:18:16+0200]:
> That the package itself has a wrong homepage (maybe we could
> switch to at the same occasion?)

Not exactly sure what you mean, the package already uses that URL for
the homepage. The domain is just a CNAME for

> last commit on about a year
> ago, last release three years ago

That is true, and apparently there are no immediate plans for a new
release┬╣. On the other hand, most major distros have it packaged, and
looking at the issues/PRs the project still appears somewhat active.


> But as I understand it, it is more of educational use than to provide
> actual security?

I think the only use of this package in Guix proper is allowing some
tests for sssd to run. I use sssd, but would be OK with dropping softhsm
and skipping some of those tests.

> Could you add a pointer to the source of the patch (at the top of the file,
> for instance)? I did not find it in the Debian package.

I took the patch off a mailing list. It turns out that the final version
used by the Debian package is slightly different. I updated my patch to
use that version and added a link to the source:

> And maybe add a copyright line for yourself.


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