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[bug#62145] [PATCH] home: services: fontutils: Add font specifications.

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: [bug#62145] [PATCH] home: services: fontutils: Add font specifications.
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2023 22:15:01 +0200
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Sorry for the delay!

Andrew Tropin <> skribis:

> On 2023-03-12 15:52, conses wrote:


>>                  (compose concatenate)
>> -                (extend append)
>> -                (default-value '("~/.guix-home/profile/share/fonts"))
>> +                (extend add-fontconfig-extensions)
>> +                (default-value (home-fontconfig-configuration))
>>                  (description
>>                   "Provides configuration file for fontconfig and make
>>  fc-* utilities aware of font packages installed in Guix Home's profile.")))
>> -- 
>> 2.39.1
> Overall, it looks good to me, but it's a breaking change for people, who
> explicitly initialized this service with the value (probably, there is a
> very little number of such people or even none).  I think we can merge
> this patch as it unlikely to disturb many people or any at all.
> Ludo, WDYT?

How about adding a check to deal with the case where the value is a list
of strings and print a deprecation warning when it is?

Since the current behavior is documented, we should provide a smooth
transition to the new interface.

Also, conses, could you update ‘doc/guix.texi’ to describe the new

> Also, there is very long thread on
> related functionality, but it seems it went in the wrong direction and
> never finished with a practical solution.

Yeah, that’s sad because a lot of energy went into it.  Maybe there are
good ideas to borrow though?


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