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[bug#63117] [PATCH] gnu: yt-dlp: Change input.

From: Jack Hill
Subject: [bug#63117] [PATCH] gnu: yt-dlp: Change input.
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2023 00:36:01 -0400 (EDT)
User-agent: Alpine 2.21 (DEB 202 2017-01-01)

On Thu, 27 Apr 2023, Dominik Delgado Steuter via Guix-patches via wrote:

yt-dlp complained when the "--add-metadata" flag was used.
youtube-dl does not need ffmpeg as a propagated-input, though.


Thanks for working on improving our yt-dlp package. Can you explain a little more about why yt-dlp needs ffmpeg to be propagated? I haven't looked too closely, but I suspect yt-dlp just want to be able to call ffmpeg at runtime. If that's true, then I think it would be better to use substitute* in a phase so that yt-dlp can use the full path to ffmpeg, and not clutter folks' profiles.

If I'm correct, can you provide an updated patch that does that? I'm happy to provide more guidance if you need it.

If I'm wrong and ffmpeg needs to be propagated for some other reason, can you add a comment in the code explaining the need?


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