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[bug#63056] [PATCH v2] gnu: Transmission: Update to 4.0.3.

From: Liliana Marie Prikler
Subject: [bug#63056] [PATCH v2] gnu: Transmission: Update to 4.0.3.
Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2023 18:27:09 +0200
User-agent: Evolution 3.46.4

Am Montag, dem 24.04.2023 um 18:39 -0400 schrieb Leo Famulari:
> Thanks to help from Efraim, the wrap phase is working properly now!
> * gnu/packages/bittorrent.scm: Update to 4.0.3.
> [build-system]: Use cmake-build-system.
> [source]: Remove obsolete patch.
> [inputs]: Add gtkmm, glib:bin, and python.
> [arguments]: Run the test suite. Import the glib-or-gtk-build-system
> and wrap the 'gui' build output.  Remove #:configure-flags. Adjust
> the 'move-gui' phase to upstream changes.
> * gnu/packages/patches/transmission-honor-localedir.patch: Delete
> file.
> * gnu/ (dist_patch_DATA): Remove it.
> ---
LGTM, this patch just saved my evening :)

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