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Guix-Jupyter 0.2.2 released

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Guix-Jupyter 0.2.2 released
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2021 22:01:28 +0200
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Guix-Jupyter 0.2.2 is out with a bunch of bug fixes!

You can get it from Guix:

  guix pull
  guix install guix-jupyter

Excerpt from the ‘NEWS’ file:

  * Changes in 0.2.2 (since 0.2.1)
  ** Bug fixes

  *** Publish a message upon startup (<>)

      Previously, Guix-Jupyter would fail to say “hi” on the IOPub socket, which
      newer Notebook versions would interpret as kernel failure.

  *** Correctly report idle/busy status

      Until now, Guix-Jupyter would always appear to be busy.  Consequently, the
      favicon and the indicator in the top-right corner of the Jupyter Notebook
      web interface would suggest that.  Additionally, completion requests would
      not be sent, on the grounds that the kernel is busy.

  *** Kernel no longer crashes on ‘;;guix download’ directives for local files

      Kernel no longer crashes when passed a ‘download’ directive for a local
      file, as in:

        ;;guix download /home/charlie/data.txt 

Guix-Jupyter is the Jupyter kernel for reproducible notebooks.  It
allows you to annotate notebooks with directives specifying the software
environment in which cells are to be evaluated.  Additionally, cells are
evaluated in containers, which guarantees their result does not
inadvertently depend on external state.



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