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guix-jupyter and allowing network access in isolated containers

From: jgart
Subject: guix-jupyter and allowing network access in isolated containers
Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2021 04:11:39 -0400

Hi Ludo,

Hope all is well!

I'm messaging here to keep our corespondence public in case it is helpful for 

An isolated guix-jupyter container does not have access to the internet by 
default as I read from your blog 
post and from the source code of guix-kernel.

What would be the best way to allow networking in a guix-kernel/guix-jupyter 
isolated container?

Should I be modifying the code for eval/container* in order to create a custom 
jupyter kernel that allows network access for code run in notebook cells?

Some places were eval/container* is found in the code:

I'm assuming that the --network command line option won't work with guix-kernel 
and why I'm
asking about creating my own modified jupyter kernel container instance with 
network access.

Does it makes sense to have a majic to allow a guix-jupyter notebook user 
access to the internet?

;;guix allow

like `direnv allow`


;;guix network

after the corresponding cli option of `guix environment --network`

I'm interested in this feature for guix-jupyter because I am putting together a 
demo notebook
showcasing requests to the GeneNetwork REST API.

all best,


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