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Re: Freeing Machine Learning with ROCm

From: Lars-Dominik Braun
Subject: Re: Freeing Machine Learning with ROCm
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2022 08:31:09 +0200

Hi Zacchaeus,

I packaged ROCm for Guix.

> Based on the fact that many ROCm packages exist in guix, and
> that I don't see people complain, it seems it must have worked in the
> past.
Indeed, I am using Guix’ darktable and rocm-opencl-runtime packages
for OpenCL-accelerated photo editing. But I’m also doing this on a
foreign distribution with a custom kernel (5.15) – not Guix System.

> > ROCk module is loaded
> > Unable to open /dev/kfd read-write: No such file or directory
> > <my username here> is member of video group
Which GPU are you using? Can you see it with `lspci` and does it have the
`amdgpu` driver attached? Is the firmware loaded (`dmesg | grep amdgpu`,
I’m guessing no, since you use linux-libre)?

> In retrospect, could it maybe be that I can use the card without probing it
> with rocminfo?  It would certainly be nice to be able to check the
> temperature (especially so I don't have to leave the fan on full blast)
> among other things, but maybe that isn't strictly necessary for doing
> machine learning on it?
rocminfo does not show the card’s temperature. You need this[1]
(unpackaged) tool.



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