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How to install GWL?

From: Ricardo Wurmus
Subject: How to install GWL?
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2020 22:55:58 +0100
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the GWL is intended to be an extension of Guix.  It uses Guix in two

1) it uses modules provided by Guix as one would use a library.  These
include (guix gexp), (guix derivations), (guix monads), (guix store),

2) it uses Guix to install packages at runtime based on whatever
workflow a user asks to be run.

The “gwl” package has the “guix” package among its inputs due to 1).
This version of Guix will always be somewhat old, and older than the
version of Guix used to install the GWL.  This is okay for using Guix
modules, but it wouldn’t be okay for 2).

How should the GWL be installed for maximum convenience and
compatibility?  Does it make sense to install it as a channel so that it
is tied to the user’s current version of Guix?  That would be pretty
awkward and less convenient than just typing “guix install gwl”.

If we stick with installing the workflow language as a package, how
should package installation be handled?  Should all workflows require a
channels definition for reproducibility, so that we could instantiate an
inferior Guix using the exact specified version?  If none is provided we
could fall back to the latest version of Guix.

How does that sound?


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