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Re: objections to short syntax for code snippets?

From: zimoun
Subject: Re: objections to short syntax for code snippets?
Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2020 16:31:14 +0100

Hi Ricardo,

On Wed, 5 Feb 2020 at 16:10, Ricardo Wurmus <address@hidden> wrote:

> So my use of the dot is very suggestive, but there’s no way we can turn
> it into a dash.

I find your suggestion really appealing. :-)
Because it clarifies the description. And I read workflows more often
than I write them.

> That said … macrology can be used to assign the dash special meaning (or
> no meaning at all), but I’m not convinced that this would be a good
> idea.  Lists are easier in Lisp compared to YAML — and thanks to what I
> call “implicit lists” for the “inputs” and “outputs” fields you don’t
> even need to start them with “list”.  It seems futile to try to make
> lists more complicated by requiring that items begin with a dash.

I understand. I was just a random comment when dequeueing all your
cool proposals.
Thank you for improving.


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