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Rethinking files as a concept -- review draft paper

From: Josh Marshall
Subject: Rethinking files as a concept -- review draft paper
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 2020 17:56:41 -0400

Hello all,

I was on a while back about using IPFS or some other CAS to cache computation and results.  I iterated on this concept with metadata, then data, then just files as a fundamental concept.  It became abundantly clear that how we use, think, and need from and about files are not what computer files are.  They are currently unstructured inconsistent blobs.  We want them to be secure, distributed, and structured.  In the attached, I attempt to create the concepts to allow such a transition from files as unstructured blobs to how we actually want and need them for all use cases.  The grammar is incomplete, and even wrong in some ways.  But I can't just deliver the final correct and complete paper without feedback.

At the end, I want a understandable, readable, meaningful, complete paper which is of publication quality and actionable for any skilled developer.

So I ask -- edit, review, critique, criticize, shred, and otherwise pick out everything wrong in every way that can be done.  Preferably politely.

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