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Re: Managing data files in workflows

From: Ricardo Wurmus
Subject: Re: Managing data files in workflows
Date: Thu, 01 Apr 2021 15:27:13 +0200
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Hi Konrad,

> Ricardo Wurmus <> writes:
>> In my test case this file exists:
>> /tmp/gwl/lf6uca7zcyyldkcrxn3zwc275ax3ip676aqgjo75ybwojtl4emoq/data/weekly-incidence.csv
> And that's the one that causes the error message for me when I run the
> workflow a second time (see below). But as I understand now, the mistake
> happens earlier, as this step shouldn't be executed at all.
>> At least that happens in my case.  I wonder why it doesn’t work in your
>> case.
> Is there anything I can do to debug this?

Maybe.  You could run with “--dry-run” to see what GWL claims it would
do to confirm that it considers the file to be “not cached”.

Also enable more log events (in particular cache events) with


The backtrace makes it seem that caching the downloaded file fails.
That’s surprising, because (@ (gwl cache) cache!) will delete an
existing file in the cache before linking a file to the cache prefix.


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