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[H-source-users] h-node, h-source and EasyGiant

From: Ian Gilfillan
Subject: [H-source-users] h-node, h-source and EasyGiant
Date: Sat, 12 Sep 2015 02:41:15 +0200
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Hi Antonio and others

I am potentially interested in helping h-node, and have a few questions to help me understand whether I can help in any way.

Antonio asked for help in his last email, but didn't get much response, and doesn't seem to have much time right now - is anyone else actively helping? I see 'rolling out the SVN version' was requested, and the most recent version (adding Debian 8, from June) isn't yet live on h-node, which is a pity. There are also old requests on the website, such as one to add ThinkPenguin as a vendor (from May), which should be trivial to do, but have not yet been actioned. Is the main reason for this lack of time, lack of people to help, or are there other reasons?

What is the current process for rolling out a new release of h-source onto the h-node website?

Is the only way to add new hardware vendors, categories, distributions, etc, by updating on SVN and then rolling out the new release?

What about updating the website itself? For example, the identica link has been broken for years.

What about h-source's project page on Savannah? There are broken links there (I know the FSF has been looking for someone to assist with Savannah as a whole)

EasyGiant seems to been getting the most recent attention - what other projects make use of it?

What support do the FSF provide? Hosting the servers? Anything else?

There are many other ways to enhance the the actual functionality too, but I'd first like to understand these other aspects before diving into that!

ian gilfillan

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