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Re: [H-source-users] h-node, h-source and EasyGiant

From: Antonio Gallo
Subject: Re: [H-source-users] h-node, h-source and EasyGiant
Date: Sun, 20 Sep 2015 21:12:56 +0200


Il giorno sab, 12/09/2015 alle 02.41 +0200, Ian Gilfillan ha scritto:
> Hi Antonio and others

> I am potentially interested in helping h-node, and have a few questions 
> to help me understand whether I can help in any way.
> Antonio asked for help in his last email, but didn't get much response, 
> and doesn't seem to have much time right now - is anyone else actively 
> helping? I see 'rolling out the SVN version' was requested, and the most 
> recent version (adding Debian 8, from June) isn't yet live on h-node, 
> which is a pity. There are also old requests on the website, such as one 
> to add ThinkPenguin as a vendor (from May), which should be trivial to 
> do, but have not yet been actioned. Is the main reason for this lack of 
> time, lack of people to help, or are there other reasons?

I'm trying to set the last SVN version to h-node.org, I hope I will be
able to finish this task the next week. This is perhaps the most tricky

About Debian 8, I will load it in the h-node.org version the next week
(even if I won't be able to upload the SVN version)

> What is the current process for rolling out a new release of h-source 
> onto the h-node website?

> Is the only way to add new hardware vendors, categories, distributions, 
> etc, by updating on SVN and then rolling out the new release?


> What about updating the website itself? For example, the identica link 
> has been broken for years.

Yes, there is a config.xml file with all the contents:


Is there anyone that would like to update this file and send the updated
version in this list so I can upload it to the h-node.org server.

> What about h-source's project page on Savannah? There are broken links 
> there (I know the FSF has been looking for someone to assist with 
> Savannah as a whole)

Can you link some broken link?

> EasyGiant seems to been getting the most recent attention - what other 
> projects make use of it?

I've developed EasyGiant too and built a lot of websites with it, but
only websites. H-node is the only big project built with it

> What support do the FSF provide? Hosting the servers? Anything else?

Server and technical support

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