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[H-source-users] Images on h-node

From: Ian Gilfillan
Subject: [H-source-users] Images on h-node
Date: Sun, 31 Jul 2016 21:14:43 +0200
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On 15/07/2016 10:13, Luis A Guzman G wrote:
The second idea i would suggest (i'm on the track of learning on how to
implement it) would be the inclusiĆ³n of images on the devices, maybe not
Full HD images, but some decent resolution. This in the favor of been
able to generate/build a 'Free software compatible hardware catalog'
from h-node
using the XML files that are already being served by the project.

So h-node could serve PDF catalogs to check hardware compatibility.

It's been years since Antonio and I discussed this ideas, but nor him or
me had the chance (or in my case the skills) to make it real.
There are a few concerns that stand out quickly:
- people will upload images that have nothing to do with the project.
- people will upload images that they don't have the rights to, and other licensing issues.
- potential performance issues with uncompressed images.

One way to make things simple is to require that people upload the image to Wikimedia Commons first, or use an image already on WC. WC is very active in removing improperly licensed images, so if it stays on there, it should be good to use and have the proper licensing. This way, the images can be re-used by a much wider community as well. If the images are loaded off their servers, there will be no performance issues. As for loading images that have nothing to do with the project, that can be handled as now with text, with anonymous contributions requiring moderation, and registered user contributions being accepted, but easy to roll back, or block the user if required.

What do you think of this suggestion? This makes it fairly quick and easy to implement.

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