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Re: [H-source-users] generalize (or eliminate) the distros white-list

From: Yuchen Pei
Subject: Re: [H-source-users] generalize (or eliminate) the distros white-list
Date: Mon, 01 Nov 2021 21:29:26 +1100
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bill-auger <bill-auger@peers.community> writes:

my main criticism of the distros white-list, is that
"distros-by-release" is not the most informative categorization;
and that there is no reason for the client to discriminate,
based on one specific server's white-list

it seems to me that the kernel is the only significant factor
which determines if some hardware "works with free software"
(which the website shows generically for all entries) (ie: that
really means: "works with _this_ libre kernel") - IIRC, all
client hardware entries carry the kernel and version
information; so distro information reduces to analytics or trivia

How do you handle the case where the free firmware supporting a piece of hardware is not in the kernel (e.g. some atheros cards)? Would you amend the definition from "works with this kernel" to "works with some free firmware that works with this kernel"? One solution is perhaps to include the firmware info as well.


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