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[hddtemp-dev] Temperature from HDDs behind Megaraid controller

From: Karol Babioch
Subject: [hddtemp-dev] Temperature from HDDs behind Megaraid controller
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2011 14:39:13 +0100
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I would like to use hddtemp in order to monitor the temperature of my
drives, which are connected to a raid controller (Dell PERC 6i). However
this raid controller is a re-branded megaraid controller and its known
to grant access to the smart attributes for each physical disk attached
to it.

Smartmontools does support raid controllers in general, as well as my
megaraid, see [1]. I'm able to read out the temperature of the drives,
so in theory it is accessible.

Therefore I'm wondering whether it would be possible to add this feature
into hddtemp, because I think smartmontools is great, I would like to
have hddtemp also up and running.

Best regards,
Karol Babioch



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