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[Health-announce] GNU Health 2.4.0 is out !

From: Luis Falcon
Subject: [Health-announce] GNU Health 2.4.0 is out !
Date: Mon, 27 Jan 2014 01:22:54 +0000
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Dear all

I'm proud to announce that GNU Health 2.4.0 is available to download.

After more than 3 months of work, the latest version bring the following
features, among others :

* Tryton 3.0 compatibility
* Real-time Pediatric Growth Charts reports
* Automatic Patient Critical Info display.
* WHO International Classification of Procedures in Medicine
* Add Italian as an official language
* Improved appointment management
* Signing medical documents (evaluations, surgeries, hospitalizations)
* Improved Neonatology module, and patient assignment to the newborn
* Include standard tags for pathology groups (such as "allergic" or

Many other "behind-the-scenes" activities have been conducted, such as
bugfixing, rewrite methods and classes, replace imaging libraries, ...

** Installation :
If you are installing GNU Health as the first time, follow the
instructions in

** Existing Installations : Upgrade procedure :
If you already have a GNU Health system in your health center, you
should upgrade it to 2.4.0

As always, the upgrade path is included in GNU Health. The upgrade for
version 2.4.0 is pretty straight forward :

1) Follow the Upgrade Instructions in the Wikibook

2) Run the script provided on the directory gnuhealth-2.4.0/scripts/2.4
to update the modules model. Read the README file.

** Official Languages.
We have English, French, Italian and Spanish as the official languages.
The language packs of the official languages are included in the GNU
Health package, with all the modules, so there is no need to download.
There are over 80 GNU Health language teams in Transifex. If you are a
language maintainer and want to include your language for the next
stable release, please send us a mail to address@hidden .

Thanks !
Many thanks to all of you that make GNU Health every day better. My
colleagues from GNU Solidario and Thymbra ; friends from B2CK and Tryton
community - always available to answer my questions on IRC :) ; and the
whole GNU Health community around the world that contributes with bug
reporting, translations and ideas.

Enjoy the new version and report any bug / issues / improvements to
address@hidden !


GNU Health : The Free Health and Hospital Information System
Twitter: @gnuhealth

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