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[Health-announce] Release of GNU Health patchset 2.8.1

From: Luis Falcon
Subject: [Health-announce] Release of GNU Health patchset 2.8.1
Date: Sun, 8 Feb 2015 22:24:29 +0000

Dear community

GNU Health patchset 2.8.1 has been released !

Priority: High

= Table of Contents =

    About GNU Health Patchsets
    Summary of this patchset
    Installation notes
    List of Bugs

= About GNU Health Patchsets =

We provide "patchsets" to stable releases. Patchsets allow quick bug
fixes and updates for production systems.

Patches and Patchsets maximize uptime for production systems, and keep
your system updated, without the need to do a whole installation.

NOTE: Patchsets are applied on previously installed systems only. For
new installations, download and install the whole tarball (ie,

For more information about GNU Health patches and patchsets you can
Summary of this patchset

    Affected modules (excludes localization / typos) : health,
    health_lab, installer

    health : Fix traceback error when creating a company and assigning
    a code with non-ascii characters

    health_lab : Fix default date analysis

    Installer : In new installations, the serverpass script is called

= Installation Notes =

You must apply previous patchsets before installing this patchset. If
your patchset level is 2.8.0, then just follow the general
instructions. You can find the patchsets at GNU Health FTP site

Follow the general instructions at

Source the GNU Health profile (source $HOME/.gnuhealthrc) to update
your environment

Update your database ( trytond --all )

= List of bugs related to this patchset =

#44165  Subtle bug in date of analysis for lab tests
#44182  2.8 installer fails with "TRYTOND_CONFIG variable not set"
#44189  Ascii code Error when trying to create Institution

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