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[Health-announce] GNU Health HMIS 3.6 series released !

From: Luis Falcon
Subject: [Health-announce] GNU Health HMIS 3.6 series released !
Date: Sun, 10 Nov 2019 23:03:54 +0000

(main article at

Dear community:

I am very proud to announce the release of the GNU Health 3.6 series !

This version is the result of many developments and integration of
ideas from the comminity.

We are now 11 years old. We should all be very proud because not only
we have built the best Libre Health and Hospital Information System,
but we have created a strong, committed and friendly international
community around it.

== What is new in GNU Health 3.6 series ==

* Both GNU Health client and server are now in Python3
* Remove Python2 support
* GH HMIS server uses Tryton 5.0 LTS kernel (5 year support)
* Client is based on Tryton GTK client 5.2
* Automation on the GH Federation queue management
* Integration to Orthanc DICOM server
* Pages of Life models fully integrated with patient evaluation & GH
* GNU Health camera plugin integrated with the latest OpenCV
* GH Client uses GI. Removed pygtkcompat.
* GH Federation HIS has been migrated from MongoDB to PostgreSQL
* New demo database downloader
* Thalamus uses now uwsgi as the default WSGI
* SSL is the default method for Thalamus and the GH Federation

== Upgrading from GNU Health 3.4 ==

* Make a *FULL BACKUP* your kernel, database and attach directories !!!
* Follow the instructions on the Wikibooks
* Read specific instructions found under scripts/upgrade/3.6 of the
  main source installation tarball, an apply the scripts in the
  specified order.

== Development focus ==

In addition of the GH HMIS server, we will focus the development in the
following  areas of the GNU Health ecosystem:

* The GNU Health Federation Portal
* The mobile client
* Interoperability

The GH Federation Portal has already started. It is a VueJS application
and provides a single point of entry for individuals, health
professionals and epidemiologists to the GNU Health Information system.

The GNU Health Federation now receives information coming from many
health institutions and people from a region or country. The GH
Federation portal will allow to manage resources, as well as the main
point for *analytics* and *reporting* of massive amount of demographics
health data generated nationwide. People, health centers and research
institutions (eg genomics already can enjoy the benefits from the GNU
Health Federation.

The mobile client (MyGNUHealth) development will remain in QT and will
be focus on KDE plasma mobile technology, and run in Libre mobile
operating systems and devices (such as Pine64). We need fully libre
mobile devices if we want to preserve privacy in healthcare.

As far as Interoperability goes, GNU Health is now very interoperable.
It uses open coding standards, as well as open formats (XML, JSON, .. )
to exchange messages. We currently have support for read operations in
HL7 FHIR for a number of resources. Needless to say, we are open to
other open standard communities that are willing to integrate to GNU

Last but not matter how hard we try to avoid them, there
will be bugs, so please test the new system, upgrade process,
languages, and give us your feedback via them via address@hidden

Happy and Healthy Hacking !

Dr. Luis Falcon, M.D.
President, GNU Solidario
GNU Health: Freedom and Equity in Healthcare
GPG Fingerprint :ACBF C80F C891 631C 68AA  8DC8 C015 E1AE 0098 9199
Join us at GNU Health Con 2019

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