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[Health-announce] Release of MyGNUHealth 1.0.5

From: Luis Falcon
Subject: [Health-announce] Release of MyGNUHealth 1.0.5
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2021 21:27:49 +0100
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Dear community

We are very happy to announce MyGNUHealth 1.0.5, the libre, privacy-oriented, Personal Health Record from GNU Health.

This maintenance release contains bug fixes and three new languages for the documentation:


The source English documentation has been revised.

The main package resides at, and contains both the source and all the documentation languages.

To save download time and disk space, the packages at the Python Package Index (PyPi) contain only the source English language. You can always download your language(s) pack from or read it online at the GNU Health documentation portal (

Thank you to all contributors, and we hope you enjoy MyGNUHealth as much as we do developing it :)

Happy and healthy hacking

About GNU Health

GNU Health is a Libre, community driven project from GNU Solidario (, a non-profit humanitarian organization focused on Social Medicine. Our project has been adopted by hospitals, laboratories, multilateral organizations and national public health systems around the world.

The GNU Health project provides the tools for individuals, health professionals, institutions and governments to proactively assess and improve the underlying determinants of health, from the socioeconomic agents to the molecular basis of disease. From primary health care to precision medicine.

The main components of the GNU Health digital health ecosystem are:

    Hospital Management
    Laboratory Management and bioinformatics
    Personal Health Record (MyGNUHealth)
    Thalamus (the GNU Health Federation message server)
    Health Information System (reporting / epidemiology)

GNU Health is an official GNU project, licensed under GPL v3+

Original announcement at GNU Savannah:

Dr. Luis Falcon, MD, MSc
President, GNU Solidario
Advancing Social Medicine

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