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Re: [Health-dev] REST for FHIR in Tryton

From: Luis Falcon
Subject: Re: [Health-dev] REST for FHIR in Tryton
Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2014 09:07:23 -0300

Hi Chris, all 
On Tue, 8 Apr 2014 23:42:39 -0700
Chris <address@hidden> wrote:

> > The message server would listen in another port, and can connect to
> > the Tryton application servers, and be the middle man between the
> > user requests and the Tryton application server.
> Yeah, a middle-ware server definitely seems possible (and probably
> necessary).
> > As far as the FHIR server,we need to implement the REST
> > functionality, that ideally could communicate to the message server,
> > and from there, get the resources from GNU Health. Strong focus
> > should be placed on security. 
> >
> > Also, from the GNU HEalth server endpoint, we not only have to
> > return the resource itself, but the references to other resources
> > (eg, the patient health care provider). This part should not be
> > hard, and can be done at GNU Health module level. Also, we'll work
> > on the versioning concept for each resource. 
> >
> > At Tryton server level, Cedric proposed a while ago the idea of
> > having the functionality for a generic message server, that would
> > serve for different protocols (like EDI). We need to work more on
> > this details, but definitely I think is something that needs to be
> > implemented soon.
> I think what you said clarifies what I was asking. I was referring to
> the GNU Health layer (= "bindings"). And I agree, that is clearly done
> within the GNU Health module. Good point again about versioning
> (TODO!). I think you are right to be concerned about the security
> issue. It rapidly becomes complicated when I think about it. The
> simplest setup, with the "message server" and the Tryton/GNU Health
> server on the same machine, has only (!) the normal security issues
> with net-facing services... with the added problem of very, very
> sensitive info. I mean, local *nix sockets (and similar IPC) are very
> helpful in situations like this, and generally leave the security to
> other security-designed protocols (TLS, etc.) However, what happens
> when the "message server" is on a different machine? On a different
> lan? Different net? And other scenarios (e.g., sharded databases
> across multiple servers). Hmm...
> > I will discuss this FHIR server tomorrow in Medetel - Luxembourg
> > - with my colleagues.
> >
> > About the FHIR client for GNU Health, we're doing quite well there
> > ! I will put on the community server some functionality for the
> > patient resource, so we can play with interactions such as search,
> > get, create and update.
> Great to hear! I'll continue to update the client (data checking, tag
> support, etc.), as I am currently feeling cautious about the server
> issues, and want to wait a bit! Hehe.
I agree with you completely. We're doing great with the client library
development. We should soon have the demo from GNU Health.

I propose having a IRC or Jitsi meeting one of these days to discuss
with the GNU Health and Tryton community the development of this
generic message server.

Let me know your thoughts.

Best from Medetel !

> Thanks again!
> -C

Luis Falcon
GNU Health : The Free Health and Hospital Information System

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