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[Health-dev] newbie in trouble

From: Jakob Lang
Subject: [Health-dev] newbie in trouble
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2014 12:09:00 +0200

Hi GNU health community,

I tried to install all packages required by GNU health and so setup a local server.
finally everything looked good and I did not get anymore errors but now I can not connect to the server with the tryton client.
I searched quite some forums for anything that might be wrong but was not able to find anything that helped.

So here is what I did:
I followed the installation guide of GNU health (and hab additionally to install the packages python-dev libxml2-dev libxslt-dev zlib1g-dev postgresql-server-dev-9.3 to get it to install. The OS it is installed on is Ubuntu.
Now I started the tryton server (trytond) with the settings for localhost:8000.
If I start the tryton client and tell him to look for localhost and port 8000 it tells me "Could not connect to the server". netstat tells me that the server is running ipv4.
I already tried to disable the firewall in Ubuntu via sudo ufw disable

I have no more ideas what might be wrong or what I can try to make it work.

Can you please help me?

Thanks very much in advance!

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