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Re: [Health-dev] GNU Health on MS Windows?

From: Axel Braun
Subject: Re: [Health-dev] GNU Health on MS Windows?
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2014 20:57 +0200
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Hi Jakob,

Am Donnerstag, 18. September 2014, 19:46:57 schrieb Jakob Lang:

> Axel, you said "...for good reasons..." can you give me some more details
> on that? Or was that just a general dislike of a Linuxer against Windows?
> If there are really good arguments I might be able to convince the team
> here to go for a Linux.

This is really off-topic in the list, and I dont want to start a discussion 
like 'my one is longer than your one'. Everybody should use what he is used 
to/likes most/serves the needs best/etc.

But to answer your question: Performance, Security, Flexibility, ...where do 
you want to start?

Lets start with the most important one: freedom. 'Free' not necessarily as in 
'free beer', but as in 'free speech'.

I have transparency and control over my system. I can decide to run it as 
server w/o GUI, with a lean GUI or with a choice full-blown GUIs. Ergonomic 
GUI with some options to adapt, not a scrappy surface like W7 or W8

Nearly everything I need comes out of the box, and if not, I have a wide 
variety of software I can add (from the standard repsitories.) And if 
something is not there, I have the option to build it for my system (even if 
you are - like me - not a programmer. Or not anymore). In that way, redir made 
it to openSUSE standard....

Nobody tells me that I can only connect 5 Users to my machine (otherwise I 
have to buy a higher = more expensive license). 
I can decide when I upgrade, not the supplier (BTW, is there a central packet 
management for Windows? I dont think so...), and while one security upgrade on 
Windows is running I have already installed 10 Linux-Boxes from scratch (no 
idea why this takes ages.....before it rolls back. In some cases)

I currently work for a large company, and have a Windows-Desktop. From that 
experience, I feel that Outlook, Sharepoint & Co. are highly overrated. W7 is 
not handy. Even worse the server applications running on a Windows-Box with 
SQL Server. There is hardly one that has no performance problems (probably not 
only a problem of the OS, but of the application as well).

Enough words, I dont want to bore the list, I think everybody can add aspects 
to it. If you feel you need more info or discussion, send me a PM


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