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Dutch translation

From: Johan Henselmans
Subject: Dutch translation
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2020 13:24:40 +0100


Yesterday I discovered gnuhealth, after looking for a PGP supported documents 
with qrcodes. Apparently Gnuhealth fits the bill, and I’d be interested to do 
some work on it.

I have viewed some of the videos and I think that the concept behind it 
(looking at the environment, making sure everybody is healthy), is something I 
fully support.

I’d first like to do a translation of the package into dutch. I noticed you 
used icd10 for medical information.

I wonder how this information is translated, as I could not find some kind of 
translation columns in the database. Does that mean everything is translated 
separate from the database?

Could you set me up to do a dutch translation?

Vriendelijke Groeten,

Johan Henselmans
+31 6 51362675

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