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[Health-pt] Installing new language

From: Fernando Almeida
Subject: [Health-pt] Installing new language
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2012 10:20:10 +0100


I downloaded the portuguese(Brazil) translation, from Transifex.

I downloaded the for_use_GNU_health_pt_BR.po file.

It's incomplete, however I would like to use it anyway. But now, I can't find out how to install it.

I copied the po file to my local Gnu Health installation, more precisely to, 


where are others po files, starting with the same translated content.

In Tryton interface, I created a new record on Localization >> Languages, and defined it as translatable.
After it, I changed the user language, to the new language, closed tryton, and made the command:

./trytond -d database --update=all

After this, started again Tryton, and... nothing. It doesn't seem to be translated on anywhere.

A guy from transifex, said me I need to compile the po file to mo, however, making a find through the gnu health installation directory, I can't find any mo files.

How to it?

Thanks in advance,

Fernando Almeida

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