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[Health] Having a set of sample organization hierarchies and access grou

From: Hedayat Vatankhah
Subject: [Health] Having a set of sample organization hierarchies and access groups
Date: Sat, 17 Dec 2011 20:19:21 +0330
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Hi all

One of the basic things which should be done for implementing GNU Health for a specific health center is to create relevant access groups and configure permissions. It usually needs information about the organization hierarchy of the institute, different groups of people in the institute, their responsibilities and needs. While it differs for different institutions, there might be a number of similarities between different organizations specially when they have similar specialties. We are currently busy with gathering such information from a hospital which is specifically for children. It might be helpful if everybody can share such information and also the generated access groups so that others can benefit from having a template to start from. We can have different template for different categories to provide more helpful templates. We'd like to know if there are any charts for organization hierarchy of any health institute which can be shared among us and if there are any preferred format for sharing such data.

Not only it could be a good starting point for implementing GNU Health, but also it might be even helpful for health centers themselves to see how others have organized their institutions.


Hedayat (On behalf of a number of people interested in promoting GNU Health)

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