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Re: [Health] Invoicing bed reservation

From: Mario Puntin
Subject: Re: [Health] Invoicing bed reservation
Date: Wed, 4 Jan 2012 19:54:27 -0300

If you let me have a word on this, I'd say that there are always functionalities lacking in the tools we use. Software is always a work in progress. Maybe you're right, is a basic functionality, but I'm sure there are people who consider it isn't. I migth be wrong, but perhaps some months ago you didn't even have hospitalizations at all.
Resources and time are limited, and I guess eventually billing for beds will be available. But currently it isn't.
Best regards

2012/1/4 Bashar <address@hidden>
Meaning that there is no link between hospitalization of a patient and get the bill for it?, but this is a basic functionality in the system, isn't it?

Thank you  

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