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Re: [Health] Patient Registration Scenario - new version GNU Health 1.3.

From: Luis Falcon
Subject: Re: [Health] Patient Registration Scenario - new version GNU Health 1.3.4
Date: Sun, 5 Feb 2012 19:55:34 -0300

Hi Chris !

On Sun, Feb 5, 2012 at 4:09 PM, Christoph H. Larsen <address@hidden> wrote:
Dear Crowd,

I am sitting in a scenario, where patient registration is done by
non-clinical staff that should not have any access to medical information.
I am using the Health / Patients/ Patients facility to register new
patients, and to retrieve old once, and in order to hide any clinical
date, there are currently two ways to do so. 

The best way to register patients should be from the Party model (Party -> Parties ). The idea is that the admin stuff can have access to all the administrative information, without getting in the Medical part.

There you have all the information (name, contacts, Social Security Number, Insurances... ). Look at the Party "Health" tab for more info. When the person is actually set up as a patient, just click on "Patient". Then the health professional will find all the patients enabled from the administrative stuff.

Same applies for retrieving them. 

Hope this helps !

First, the easy way: I can define zero rights to the "Surgical
Functionality" model by adding it to the "Access Model" list, with
rights ----. In this case, the patient registration staff can only see
the tab "Surgeries", but when they click on it, it is empty. Not very
cute (ideally, the "Surgery" tab should disappear!), but easy.
Unfortunately, this does not work with those tabs that have sub-tabs,
namely "Gyneco/Obs", "Lifestyle", "Genetics" and "Socioeconomics".
Here, I have to do it the hard way, by adding all fields of the foresaid
tabs into the "Access Field" list, with zero access rights. This is not
only cumbersome, but also leaves the sub-tabs visible.
It would be terrific, if "Geneco/Obs", "Lifestyle", "Genetics" and
"Socioeconomics" could be be translated into respective models, which
can be called for, with zero access rights.
Also, is there an easy way to make those empty remaining tabs and
sub-tabs invisible?

Thanks a lot for any ideas!

Bests from Afghanistan -


Dr. Christoph H. Larsen
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Luis Falcon
GNU Health

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