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[Health] GNU Health Drugs and Co.

From: Christoph H. Larsen
Subject: [Health] GNU Health Drugs and Co.
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2012 14:07:06 +0430
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Dear Crowd,

A couple of questions:
I have the list of drugs, which is rather specific for our medical
facility here in Kabul (keeping everything generic, naturally!), so the
List of Essential Drugs is of limited value. Is there any way to
bulk-import a file with drugs (or later: lab tests) into the system?
Without bulk import, what is the best way to enter any additional drugs
- by chucking them into a separate drug category, and adding them one by
I notice that each substance inside the list of essential drugs may
represent several pharmacological preparations and concentrations,
a.k.a. variants in ERP speak. Wouldn't it be be better to define
separate products for, for instance mepivacaine 2% 5 ml and 2% 50 ml? As
far as I can see, this is not currently done from within the drug list...
Also, as for drug details, is there any FLOSS source we could use to
copy/paste further drug details? Copy paste would be ideal. The BNF is
unfortunately copyrighted...

Any thoughts?



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