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Re: [Health] Tryton Client and Windows XP

From: Hascore OST
Subject: Re: [Health] Tryton Client and Windows XP
Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2012 08:28:14 +0700
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On 02/06/2012 02:12 AM, Luis Falcon wrote:
Hi Chris

On Sun, Feb 5, 2012 at 4:00 PM, Christoph H. Larsen <address@hidden> wrote:
Dear All,

Due to - I am tempted to say: unfortunate - circumstances I am forced to
deploy GNU Health with the server sitting on a smart and shiny FreeBSD
server in a Windows XP client environment. I have spent  several days
trying to get either the stand-along Tryton client as well as the Tryton
setup.exe going, yet got unspecific errors issued BY (NOT: for!) pytz,
non-recognised timezones, etc, despite gonig through the full motions of
pythondateutl and pytz... even with stand-alone client versions. Hence,
I have decided to "reset" and ask:

Is anybody using the version 2.2.1 Tryton client in a Windows
environment, ideally Windows XP?

Thanks for sharing. I'm pretty sure somebody in the list is using Windoze as a client. I don't know about how many are using it under Windoze XP crap.

We'll help you out in finding this. In the meantime, as I told you in a previous mail, talk to them about the benefits of using a Free Operating System as for their desktops  :-)

We'll get back to you soon.
If so, how have you proceeded to make it work, including sending and
receiving requests?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

This problem is caused because tryton kernel using pytz which is incompatible with the os time zone. ( The solution is do as I did in that issue.

Thanks a lot from Kabul -


Dr. Christoph H. Larsen
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Luis Falcon
GNU Health
Abdurahman Soleh (hascore11)

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