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Re: [Health] GNUHealth 1.4.4 Installation Issue on Ubuntu 11.x

From: Heiko . Zimmermann
Subject: Re: [Health] GNUHealth 1.4.4 Installation Issue on Ubuntu 11.x
Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2012 09:44:37 +0200

Hi Marc,

in my opinion you are using not the required version of the tryton client.
As you wrote you installed the package tryton-client_1.4.1-1_all.deb from the Ubuntu packages. I faced the same problems when i tried to use the
packages which are provided with the OS.

I am not using the tryton-client and trytond which are shipped with Ubuntu because their version is not compatible with the requirements of GNUHealth.
It is better and worked for me directly, when you follow the installation instructions using pip to install GNUHealth. So therefore you don't need to install
any tryton components before.

By the way, another problem i faced was, how to access the trytond from a remote computer. Therefore you have to start the trytond with a parameter
to the configuration file. Looks somehow like: ./.local/bin/trytond -c ./.local/bin/trytond.conf

I hope that helps you.

With best regards,

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