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Re: [Health] Installing calendar module issue

From: Federico Conforti
Subject: Re: [Health] Installing calendar module issue
Date: Thu, 17 May 2012 01:16:28 +0000

Hi Federico,

On 15 May 2012 03:35, Federico Conforti <address@hidden> wrote:
2012/5/9 Federico Conforti <address@hidden>

I placed trytond.config at .local/bin and tryed to start trytond with the -c and --config options, but the server never started. What am I doing wrong?

put the trytond.conf in  /etc/

then from the .local/bin folder run: ./trytond -c /etc/trytond.conf

Note: The file name is trytond.conf and not .config

Regards and thanks
Ronald Munjoma

In addition, I also modified Sebastian's conf file. When I set the path of the calendar at Thunderbird i write the following: http://localhost[server]:8080[caldav port in trytond.conf]/cpueyrredon[tryton dabase]/Calendars/[calendar name created at tryton]

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