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[Health] How to handle corporate patients?

From: Russel Mahmud
Subject: [Health] How to handle corporate patients?
Date: Wed, 23 May 2012 11:54:04 +0600

Hello everybody,
Hope, you all are doing well. Recently i have installed gnuhealth 1.4.5 and checking out it's functionalities and workflows. I am planning to customise it for a hospital here. In that hospital there is a special kind of patient called corporate patient. Hospital and corporate make a deal that all employees of that corporate will take all services on credit. At the end of month hospital will send an invoice to corporate office including expenses of all employees that taken services from that hospital.
I have tried to implement this case on existing gnuhealth. I have approached following steps:

1) Create a payment term "On Credit" where Payment Term Lines was: (Type:  Remainder, Number of Days: 30, Condition: End of Month)
2) Create a new patient, whose Invoice Payment Terms: "On Credit". (But couldn't find any a way to choose company/corporate where patient works for)
3) Create a new appointment including a consultation service whose value say: BDT 500
4) Then create an invoice against that appointment. Now invoice status is Draft.
5) Now On the | Financial Menu --> Invoices ---> Draft Invoices | there are a lot of draft invoices including Normal patients and Corporate Patients. I have to find out which draft invoices are for corporate patients. Then i can create Credit Note from Launch Action for that patient with Refund yes/no.
6) After creating Credit Note with Refund yes, that invoice status become Paid and it creates Both Invoice and Credit Note type

My questions are:
1) Since i have to search for which patient is corporate or normal on Draft Invoices, then what are the reasons behind Payment Term against each Party? There is a payment term "On Credit". How can i use it then?
2) Am i missing something? Is there any specific way to handle this special kind of corporate patient? or what i followed here is all right and only way to handle it?
3) How can i create an invoice against the Corporate at the end of month for services of all corporate patients?
4) For normal patients, on the opened invoices, sometime i see "Pay" button, but not for all invoices. For which conditions "Pay" button shows or not?
5) Is there any way to make Many2One Field autocomplete including Search and Create a new record beside the field? For example: On the Appointment form, i want to make Patient field autocomplete.

Warm Regards,
Russel Mahmud
Dhaka, Bangladesh

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