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[Health] Health Services 1.6.0

From: Russel Mahmud
Subject: [Health] Health Services 1.6.0
Date: Tue, 29 May 2012 12:20:33 +0600

I have installed latest GNU Health and looking for the new features added on 1.6.0 version. I have found Health Service Module as a new. I am not clear about this module. So far i understand, it is helpful when one wants to add n service lines on a single service, then invoices it for payment. Then accountant can see all services taken by a patient on a single draft invoice.

But I am not sure about 2 things:

How to handle n invoices from n departments/sections against one patient?
For example:
a) one is responsible to invoice only appointment
b) another one is responsible to invoice only lab services
c) pharmacy is responsible to invoice medicines taken by Inpatient
etc ....
At now there are two ways to handle it:
i) All will access the Health Services modules, and There will be a draft service/invoice against a patient, then all will add his respective invoice at that draft service/invoice. At finally one can invoice it for payment. Then we will get all services taken by a patient on a single invoice.
But i think it is not a good idea, because when all will add/change on a single service/invoice from Health Service, by mistake one can delete/modify other services added there.
ii) Each department/section will add a service and create Health Service invoice for payment.
Then accountant will get n draft invoices, for a single patient and he/she has to calculate manually total cost.

2) second thing:
I have found "set to draft" button on the invoiced services. That means after invoicing a service, we can make it draft again and add new services on it, then invoice it again. But it creates two draft invoices on the Financial --> Invoices modules. Logically it should create a single draft invoice, otherwise there will be same services on different invoices for a patient.

Warm Regards,
Russel Mahmud
Dhaka, Bangladesh

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