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[Health] Invoice with Health Services Module

From: Simon Vass
Subject: [Health] Invoice with Health Services Module
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2012 11:49:44 +0300

Hi Luis,

I now can create an invoice thanks for the pointer to the payment terms field.

Is the idea that to create an invoice you manually add all the correct services/procedures/tests then click create Invoice or should the services be populated as the procedures are being carried out? 

The process I would like to model is that a doctor for example requests a lab test, before the lab test can be done it has to be paid for by the client, then the test can proceed. Is there a way to model this right now? or do I need to play with triggers/workflows?

Also how would I use pip install to install say the 2.4.2 analytic accounts module from Tryton?


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