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[Health] New Menu Option Disappears ?

From: Paras Jasani
Subject: [Health] New Menu Option Disappears ?
Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2012 11:23:21 -0600


It would be great if someone can provide a tip. I am trying to create a new menu and it disappears on adding to a particular group. I was able to recreate the error and screenshots are provided below

1) ABC Patients created successfully

Inline image 1

2) ABC Patients showing correctly in the list

Inline image 2

3) Adding ABC Patients in the Access Menu List

Inline image 3

4) On Saving -  Menu item ABC Patients disappears from the Access Menu and from the Menu List

Inline image 4

6) But the record is still available in the database

Inline image 5

Is there a way to make ABC Patients show up on the Menu List.


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