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[Health] Extention/module for ayurvedic medicine

From: Ossi Viljakainen
Subject: [Health] Extention/module for ayurvedic medicine
Date: Mon, 9 Sep 2013 18:44:51 +0300

Dear all,

In India, the traditional herbal medicine, Ayurveda is widely recogniced and used by approx. 60% of the population.

I am working with some ayurveda practitioners and institutes, and they have expressed interest of using GNU-Health for their work, to develop systematic clinical data on the efficacy of ayurvedic medicines and treatments for statistical and research purposes.

To enable this, an additional module would be needed fro GNU-heatlh. I have a couple of developers, who can work on this and develop the module for us, and if there is interest, we can contribute it as an add-on to GNU-health project.

I have a few questions:
- Tryton is modular, but does the design of GNU-Health support add-ons, which would create new tabs, add extra form fields or modify the way existing tabs are presented?
- Is there some practical GUI design tool available to design the layout of new screens/tabs? Preferably something which also a non-technical user can use for drafting a suggestion for screen lay-out.

Best wishes,


-Ossi Viljakainen
Ayurveda health consultant, Yoga teacher | Ayurveda-konsultti, Jooga-opettaja
+45-7169 8386 (Denmark mobile) Skype: ossiviljakainen
+358-9-2316 3211 (Finland landline) +358-45-125 5674 (Finland mobile) 

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