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Re: [Health] Health Service Invoice Questions

From: Allan Sta. Cruz
Subject: Re: [Health] Health Service Invoice Questions
Date: Mon, 7 Oct 2013 18:12:11 +0800

Hi Everyone,

We were continuing looking into the Invoicing modules of GNU Health and would like to raise this inquiry:

* Can the invoice items entered in the hospitalization module such as medications, hospital beds, and other services, be automatically pulled in when creating a health service invoice for a specific user / appointment entry? At the moment everything seems to be that when users are creating new health service invoices, they still need to re-enter the items that they had specified earlier in the prior modules (if they entered a hospital bed during the hospitalization module, then they would still need to enter it again for health services instead of it being pulled in automatically if the user specifies an appointment).

* Would it be possible to know what Tryton server version and GNU Health version the community server is using? The prior bug on health services that I posted on the health-dev mailing list is still persisting on our end so I am led to believe that it might be a version issue between Tryton / GNU?

Thanks and looking forward to your response :)


Allan Sta. Cruz

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