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Re: [Health] GNU Health Distributed Installation

From: Luis Falcon
Subject: Re: [Health] GNU Health Distributed Installation
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2013 13:28:10 -0300
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Hi there !
On 10/23/2013 12:31 AM, hungdh wrote:
> hi all,
> I installed GNU Health on Ubuntu12.04 and it works well.
> I want to ask how can i deploy GNU Health in distributed installation?
> for example, in 3 hospitals, each has one separated server instance &
> they can synchronize database (like instroduction here:
> Someone please guide or give me document so i can study.
> (sorry for my bad english).
In large implementations (ej, countries, provinces ), you need to work
with the patient unique ID concept, so her information and patient
information is the same no matter which health center she goes.

It really depends on your network infrastructure, database what do you
want to synchronize. In some cases, they have the instances centralized
in a datacenter and they use the client to conenct to those instances.

We'll be talking about that in the TUB 2013 [0] , so I don't know if
you're close to Barcelona, but it will be a great moment to discuss it :)


> Thanks!

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