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Re: [Health] UNICODE doesn't not working under Windows

From: odicha
Subject: Re: [Health] UNICODE doesn't not working under Windows
Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2014 17:40:27 -0500
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5.40 pm here.
Awaiting your feedback

El 27/02/2014 05:39 p.m., Bounmy Sihaphom escribió:
Thumbs up to you Odicha ,Luis and Teams.Great works.Now it's 5:40 AM
in Laos, we will try right away when we go to the office.

On 2/28/14, odicha <address@hidden> wrote:

You have to modify one file. "pango.aliases"
In windows boxes this file make font name translations, ie sans (linux)
<<=>> sans-serif (windows)

I have attached a modified pango.aliases that uses Phetsarath OT laos
font as standard font.


You have to register font (from control panel in windows 7, same as
standard use). I think it's already installed in your boxes

You have to overwrite standard pango.aliases with attached pango.aliases

This file is in %programfiles%\tryton-3.x.x\etc\pango folder

I also attached a snapshot. Laos text in a spanish 7.1 64 bits box

Best regards & sorry for the delay.

PD If you have more Laos fonts you can customize pango.aliases for using
different fonts. i.e

courier    = "Phetsarath OT"
mono       = "Phetsarath OT"
monospace  = "Phetsarath OT"
sans       = "Phetsarath OT"
"segoe ui" = "Phetsarath OT"
serif      = "Phetsarath OT"
tahoma     = "Phetsarath OT"

this is actual modified pango.aliases content. You can use any font you
want like...

courier    = "Phetsarath OT"
mono       = "my_mono_laos_font"
monospace  = "my_mono_laos_font"
sans       = "my_sans_laos_font"
"segoe ui" = "my segoe laos"
serif      = "Phetsarath OT"
tahoma     = "Phetsarath OT"

So this is like a "font name translator" bad explained as my bad english..... :)

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