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Re: [Health] GNU Health in the official Debian repositories

From: Luis Falcon
Subject: Re: [Health] GNU Health in the official Debian repositories
Date: Sat, 15 Mar 2014 21:17:12 +0000
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Dear Emilien
On 15/03/14 20:28, Emilien Klein wrote:
> Hi GNU Health community,
> I am pleased to announce that after a few months of testing in the
> experimental repository, GNU Health is now available in both the
> Experimental (sid) and Testing repositories of Debian!
This is great news !

Thank you so much for your contribution to the GNU Health community!

Creating a maintaining distro packages takes a lot of work and
commitment, so thank you and thanks to the Debian Med team !


> The Debian package is actually consists of 3 packages:
> - gnuhealth-server
> - gnuhealth-client
> - gnuhealth: installs both server and client on the same machine.
> Install that package if you want to just get started.
> The database creation and backups (before each upgrade) is handled by
> the package itself, hopefully reducing as much as possible the manual
> steps needed to set up your own GNU Health instance!
> Go ahead and give it a try:
>     sudo apt-get install gnuhealth
> is all you should need!
> Unless major bugs are found, GNU Health will be included in the next
> stable release of Debian, and should also be included in the following
> Ubuntu (12.10) version, and other Debian derivatives such as Linux
> Mint.
> The package is maintained by the Debian Med team, which I'd like to
> thank for their support in testing and many improvement suggestions.
> Please test and let us know (via thee Debian bug tracker) if you find any 
> issue!
> Cheers,
>     +Emilien

GNU Health : The Free Health and Hospital Information System

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